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A Day Trip to Schnebly Winery: Escape Miami All Day Long

If you’re looking for a winery in Florida that offers a unique and relaxing experience, look no further than Schnebly Winery. This winery is located just 50 minutes away from Downtown Miami, and it’s full of lush greenery and soothing natural coral waterfalls. Guests who come here can easily escape city life all day long. The winery offers a variety of wine tastings, including exotic fruit wines. You can also enjoy a glass (or five) while sitting under an umbrella on your private patio overlooking beautiful vineyards. So if you’re looking for a fun and relaxing day trip, be sure to check out Schnebly Winery!

The Southernmost winery in the U.S., Schnebly specializes in exotic tropical fruit wines — We’re talking coconut, guava, passion fruit, mango, and even the first ever avocado wine . Schnebly Winery is Miami’s best kept secret and a must-visit for wine lovers.

The winery offers a wide variety of wine tasting options so you can enjoy all its tropically flavored wines while taking in the scenic location, in their Ultimate Wine Tasting Experience, where you get your choice of 5 wines to try plus a souvenir glass. Of course, with so many different wines to try, it’s not easy to choose!

Luckily, the experienced staff know everything about each wine. Whether you prefer wines on the sweeter or drier side, they will help you find the perfect wines to try for your palate.

Fruit wine doesn’t necessarily mean all the wines are sweet! You will be surprised by the wide range of wine flavors the winery offers, in every type you might imagine.

The reds include passion fruit wines and guava wines, and now their first two grape wines as well: a cabernet and a merlot.

The rosés, on the other hand, are amazing to serve chilled, with hints of guava and passion fruit that capture the essence of Miami’s unabashed sexyness, romance and tropical flare.

The whites include of course the famous AvoVino, avocado wine, and a variety of wines made with mango, lychee, coconut and even starfruit! Most of the winery’s fruits are actually homegrown, making them always ripe and perfect year round, with the fertile land of the Redlands in Homestead.

The Winery also offers Sparkling Wines for the bubbly lovers, also with an exotic tropical fruit twist, and even dessert wines for those who enjoy their wines on the sweeter side or as a dessert after a delicious meal.

You can also explore the winery on a walking tour that takes you by the production area, tank room, barrel room, and more. There, you can learn all about the intricacies of wine making, and even more special, the incredible ways exotic tropical fruits have been turned into wine. The tour is available on the weekends, and it pairs perfectly with the wine tasting!

If visiting on the weekends, you will encounter the Winery’s Restaurant “The Redlander” open. This farm-to-table restaurant offers a variety of dishes such as avocado dippers, barbecue platters and grilled seafood that you can enjoy paired up with your tropical wine of choice. The Redlander is currently open for lunch, dinner and brunch every weekend!

The Restaurant is located next to the waterfalls, so you can enjoy your meal with the sound of the water, children can feed the eager koi fish, and on weekends, live music as well. Yes! Children are welcome at the Winery! It’s fun for the whole family, with different things to do for people of all ages. 

If you visit the Winery on Fridays, from 5pm to 7pm, you’ll catch the best Happy Hour in town…Golden Hour! Miami’s Countryside sunsets paint the ambiance a gorgeous golden hue at this time, 

Schnebly Winery is Miami’s best-kept secret and a must-visit for wine lovers of all levels. With its lush greenery, soothing natural coral waterfalls and variety of wine tastings, the winery offers an escape from city life that you won’t want to miss. So what are you waiting for?

A waterfall in a tropical garden with a refreshing glass of vino sounds pretty much ideal every single day doesn’t it? If you’re feeling a bit agoraphobic and need a respite from the hectic Miami life, Schnebly is the perfect place for an amazing day trip with all their fun activities and different things to do.


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