Schnebly Winery: A guide to picking the right fruit wine for your holiday party

If you’re looking for a festive and unique wine to serve at your holiday party, look no further than Schnebly Winery’s fruit wines. Made from a variety of fresh fruits, these wines are perfect for matching holiday dishes or enjoying on their own. Not sure which one to choose? Here’s a guide to help you pick the right Schnebly fruit wine for your party.

Schnebly Winery offers a wide variety of fruit wines, from sweet to dry

If you’re looking for a taste that’s out of traditional wine, Schnebly Winery is the place to be! We specialize in fruit wines unlike any you’ve ever had before. From sweet fruit juice selections to dry wines, each sip reveals new and delicious flavors. All tropical fruits used at Schnebly Winery are fresh and locally sourced, so you get fruit wines infused with rich aromas for a truly unique experience of sweet taste. For an extra-special occasion or a fun night out with friends, fruit wines from Schnebly Winery will take your taste buds on a journey like any other fruit wine!

Consider what kind of foods you’ll be serving at your party – the wine should complement the meal

When thinking of wine for your party, visualizing a wine glass is certainly the first thing that comes to mind. However, there are other alternatives when pairing wine with your meal. Consider adding some flavor by introducing fruit wines! If you enjoy fruit wines, there are plenty to choose from, such as cherry wine, plum wine, apple wine, pomegranate wine, strawberry wine, and more. They come in a variety of tastes and could really make an impression as part of the overall gathering. To make sure it complements your party food, try sampling a few before guests arrive. Cheers!

Choose a wine that fits the occasion – for example, a sparkling wine for New Year’s Eve

When it comes to traditional celebration wine, there’s nothing quite like sparkling wine for New Year’s Eve! For a traditional and delicious taste, you can’t go wrong with champagne, made in the traditional French manner. If champagne isn’t your preference, opt for something with a sweeter taste; Prosecco has become increasingly popular for its deliciously sweet flavor and gentle, bubbly texture that’s perfect for toasting the new year. Not into something traditional? No problem! There are all kinds of different sparkling wines out there today that offer subtle hints of fresh fruit flavors in addition to traditional tastes. So no matter your preference – traditional or not – there’s sure to be a wine that fits the occasion this New Year’s Eve and is sure to sparkle as brightly as you do come midnight!

Don’t forget about dessert! Fruit wines can be great with sweeter dishes

With dessert time comes a bevy of options, but why not take dessert to the next level with dessert wines? The sweet and delicate flavors traditionally found in a dessert wine makes it the perfect match for sweeter dishes, from creamy mousses to decadent tarts. While some dessert wines can be boozy, fruit wines are a great option too – light, crisp and so refreshing. Invite your friends over tonight and don’t forget about dessert – let’s pop open a bottle of those delicious fruit wines!

Ask the experts at Schnebly for help picking the perfect fruit wine for your holiday party

When it comes to fruit wines, Schnebly experts know just what you need for your holiday party! With a diverse selection of fruit wines available, Schnebly will make sure that you select the perfect fruit wine to help your holiday celebration reach its full potential. Experience the perfect harmony between fruity flavors and wine and discover how fruit wine is an exciting addition to any gathering. Gift our exceptional fruit wines to friends and family or optimize the joy of seasonal celebrations with our impeccable fruit wines. Choose Schnebly and allow our experts to help you pick the perfect fruit wine for your special occasion this holiday season.

Schnebly Winery has the perfect fruit wine for your holiday party, no matter what kind of food you’ll be serving. Just tell us what you’ll be serving and we can help you pick the right wine. We have a wide variety of fruit wines, from sweet to dry, so there’s something for everyone. And don’t forget about dessert! Fruit wines are great with sweeter dishes. So come visit us during the holidays and let us help you choose the perfect wine for your party. We guarantee you’ll have a great time!




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