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Enjoy Wine? It’s Good for You! 12 Health Benefits of Drinking Wine

Winemaking in South Florida

It’s no secret that wine has been around for centuries. The winemaking process spans back to ancient times, with records of winemaking in the Bible dating all the way back to 600 BC. Today wineries are popping up in many places, and with many different techniques to make their wines. Schnebly Winery is one of them, the southernmost winery in the United States, right in the heart of the Redlands in South Florida. The Redlands are know for special soil that is perfect for growing exotic tropical fruits and a very special climate to give them a unique flavor, and through this concept, the Winery has created specialty wines made from everything: from grapes like their Malbec, to exotic fruits like lychee, starfruit, and even avocados!

But, after uncorking happiness and discovering the love of their wines, many are left to wonder…is this good for me? And there’s a very surprising answer to that! Yes! Wine can be good for you! There are surprising benefits to being in love with wine, and it can actually be a healthy habit (in moderation, of course).

Without further ado, here are 12 surprising health benefits of drinking wine:


Benefits of Drinking Wine

1.- Get Smarter

Wine has a special ingredient named Reservatrol. This ingredient has been known to improve your short term memory! So, if you sometimes forget things, wine can be very good for you. This has been proven by researchers, who found a significant increase in people’s memory skills, creation of new memories, and even emotions.

2.- It’s Like the Gym!

Scientists have found that reservatrol can improve heart function, brain function, and bone structure! These are some of the benefits of going to the gym! Yes, these are some things that improve with exercise. Now imagine doing both! How about a glass of wine after a long workout? Double the benefits!

3.- Reduce the Risk of Stroke

Since wine has been found to be good for your heart, it can also decrease your risk of an ischemic stroke. This benefit has not been found in beer or other hard alcohols! Stroke is one of the leading causes of death in the United States, so this benefit is particularly amazing. Compared to no wine intake at all, people who drink wine were found to have a reduced risk for heart disease and stroke. Drink up for your heart!

4.- Regulate Blood Sugar Levels

Wine is abundant in something called polyphenols. These are known to interact with cells that are involved in fat storage and also in the regulation of blood sugar levels in your body. And their interaction is magic! Some of these polyphenols can interact with your body just like some diabetes medication and in their blood sugar regulation activities!

5.- Cut Down Your Risk of Diabetes

Thanks to the polyphenols, drinking wine can also help cut down your risk of diabetes! Men and women who drink wine in moderation have been found to have a 30% less risk of type 2 diabetes. This is also thanks to the reservatrol in wine, which improves the sensitivity your body has to insulin. The resistance to insulin is the main cause of this type of diabetes.

6.- A Cold Remedy!

A study in Europe found that people that drink wine were way less likely to come down with a cold than those who drink other liquors. Research found that the antioxidants in your wine helps lower inflammation and also reduces the symptoms of a common cold. So, when flu season comes around, make sure to pour a glass of wine for yourself!

7.- Cut Cancer Risks

Doctors think that flavonoids and resveratrol contain potent antioxidants and may counterbalance androgens, the male hormones that stimulate the prostate. This can cut your risk of prostate cancer!

It’s also amazing to suppress the activity of aromatose, which is the enzyme that makes breast tumors grow and produce their own estrogen.

8.- No More Pimples!

Reservatrol in wine is also an amazing way to cut down the growth of acne causing bacteria, even better than the benzonyl peroxide found in most acne medicine and creams. But, combined together? It works like magic!

9.- Goodbye to the Blues

Wine is perfect for relaxing, but it is also one of the only alcoholic drinks that helps with depression. Most alcoholic drinks are depressants, and they exacerbate depression. But wine? Wine has been found to reduce depression in most men and women that drink moderately. So, drink your favorite wine and smile!

10.- Reduce Risk of Liver Disease

It is known that alcohol consumption increases liver disease and can cause very serious liver conditions. But, it has been found that drinking wine moderately, that it, one glass a day, actually DECREASES the risk of liver disease. That’s right! Wine is good for your liver! It decreases the prevalence of Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD)….so, if you are going to party, make sure it is with wine!

11.- Eye and Teeth Health

Resveratrol stops uncontrolled blood vessel growth in the eyes. This may help with treatment of diabetic retinopathy and age-related macular degeneration. It can also prevent the growth of bacteria in your pearly whites, with its antimicrobial effects. Wine was found to be perfect to combat plaque causing bacteria!

12.- Age Slowly

Wine is rich in antioxidants which are very important for fighting free radicals and keep us young. It can make your skin glow like never before and reduces the appearance of wrinkles.

Drink Wine, Live Long

So, now you know! Drinking wine is not just delicious and a perfect way to make you happy, it’s also good for your health. If you want to live longer, then the perfect way to do it is with a glass of wine in hand. For example, in the island of Ikarios, where people drink a lot of wine, studies found that people live longer than anywhere else in the whole world. Resveratrol increases the activity of sirtuins, a group of genes that protect the body from diseases of aging.

Be Healthy at Schnebly Winery

Visiting Schnebly Winery is good for your health, then! And why not learn about the winemaking process while you’re there? You can find out how they make all of their very special wines, and learn more about winemaking in South Florida. Being the southernmost winery in the United States, these wines are something truly special and unique.

The Winery also offers wine tastings every single day, so you can try 5 different wines ranging from avocado wine, to lychee wine, and even passionfruit wine! How healthy does that sound?

Schnebly Winery is open daily for their Ultimate Wine Tastings, but you can also visit them on the weekends to try the amazing farm to table food that their restaurant, The Redlander, serves. Open on the weekends and offering Live Music, there’s nothing better to pair your wine with!

If you want to be healthy while you enjoy the beautiful backdrop of Miami’s Countryside, Schnebly Winery is the place for you! Check out all the special events the Winery has to offer, or visit them for a special day catered to you! The Winery has weddings, birthday parties, bachelorette parties, and much more.

See you there and let’s be healthy together!


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