Explore Florida’s Southernmost Vineyard – Schnedly Redlands’ Winery

Florida’s largest premium winery is Schnebly Redlands’ Winery, located in the small town of Homestead. Open year-round, our winery produces an array of award-winning wines and offers visitors a one-of-a-kind tasting experience. From the moment you arrive at Schnebly Redlands’, you’ll be struck by its rural beauty, surrounded by planted vineyards,Β  vibrant fruit trees, and acres of luscious green grass. If you’re a lover of fine wines, the opportunity to sample our award-winning vintages will be unforgettable. Our selection includes sparkling wines, dessert wines, fruit wines, and red and white wines made with muscadine grapes grown right here on the Redlands. Keep reading for more information on Schnebly Redlands’ Winery, our wine selection, and the special events we host throughout the year.

Schnebly Redlands’ Winery has been producing wine since 2009

Schnebly Redland’s winery is located in the small town of Homestead, Florida. Our winery opened in 2009 and has since won numerous awards for unique wines made with tropical fruits, muscadine grapes, and other traditional grape varieties. Wine tastings are offered in our tasting room, where visitors can sample award-winning wines from our selection. Wine tours are also available, giving visitors the chance to explore our vineyards, learn about winemaking, and find out why our Florida winery is so special.

The vineyard is located in the town of Homestead, Florida, and is open to the public

Florida wineries are rare and Schnebly Redlands’ Winery is no exception. Located in the small town of Homestead, our winery offers an amazing service to wine lovers. Our winery is open to the public year-round, and tastings are available both by appointment and on a walk-in basis. You can also book a tour of our vineyard and learn about the winemaking process from start to finish. Many private events are held at Schnebly Redlands’, from weddings to birthday parties and corporate gatherings. Making wine is our passion and we love to share it with others.

Visit Our Tasting Room – A Wine Lovers Paradise

Wine tasting with friends is a popular pastime in Florida and at Schnebly Redlands’ Winery, it’s our specialty. Our tasting room offers a unique experience, where you can sample our award-winning wines and learn more about the winemaking process. Our knowledgeable staff is here to answer your questions and help you find the perfect bottle of wine to take home. Remember to try out our famous collection of fruit wines, which are made from the freshest fruits grown right here in southern Florida.

The climate in southern Florida is perfect for growing grapes

Grapes need a unique combination of sunlight, soil, and climate to thrive. Schnebly Redlands’ Winery is located in the perfect spot for growing grapes, with plentiful sunshine and the right amount of humidity that helps our grape vines flourish. Our muscadine grapes are grown on-site and used to craft some of our award-winning wines. Our climate also allows us to grow a variety of other fruits and vegetables, which are used in many of our dessert wines.

Special Events Hosted By Schnebly Redlands’ Winery

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Private tours and tastings can be scheduled for groups of any size. We also host several special events during the year, including vineyard dinners, karaoke nights, live music, and holiday celebrations. Whether you’re looking for a romantic evening or a fun night out with friends, Schnebly Redlands’ Winery has something to suit every taste. For special occasions, our wines make perfect gifts – so don’t forget to browse our selection before leaving!


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