Friday Date Night

No refunds or exchanges.

Indulge in the Perfect Friday Date Night at Schnebly Winery!

🍷Tastings by the Falls: Dive into our wine tastings, available every hour from noon until the last one at 9pm. Explore unique flavors for $25 per person.

🍽️Dinner Under the Tiki: Savor delicious meals starting at 5pm and continuing until the last cap at 10pm. Dine under the Tiki Hut and enjoy a perfect meal.

🌟Tours Under the Stars: Join us for magical evening tours from 8pm, 9pm, until the last one at 10pm for $16 per person. 

Choose the perfect time for you!

Dine with us, and you’ll receive FREE entry to Country Night 🀠 at Miami Brewing Company! Our Country Night kicks off at 8pm and continues until we close. It’s the ideal way to complete your enchanting evening!