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Wine Spotlight: Schnebly Winery’s Red Wines

Schnebly Winery

If you’re looking for a South Florida Winery that has something different, then look no further than Schnebly Winery. Their red wines are made with exotic tropical fruit from the Redlands in South Florida. Fruits like lychee and starfruit make these wines taste incredibly unique and there’s something for everyone! Whether you want to go sweet or dry, this winery has it all.

The Redlands is the perfect place to make exotic tropical fruit wines. The soil is rich with nutrients and produces fruit and vegetables that are packed with bright flavor. In the heart of The Redlands is Homestead, where Schnebly Winery was founded by Peter and Denisse Schnebly, a couple who fell in love with exotic fruit wines after starting to make them from all of the fruit and vegetables they were farming. Sustainable farming became a top priority as Schnebly wines are made from only the finest fruit. Each mango, lychee, guava, passion fruit and Carambola is personally picked for fermentation.

And thus, these wines are not only delicious, but they are literally farm-to-table wines, made with the finest ingredients!

So, it’s time to take a look at each of the red wines this time, and what makes them so incredibly special! These wines can be found online at with shipping to many states, or at the South Florida Winery in Homestead, where you can try them at their world famous wine tastings.

The Reds

Cat 2 Hurricane Red

Cat 2 Hurricane Red is made from avocado and guava, the traditional flavors for Miami’s Latin Community. It’s an exotic blend of tropical fruits with a refreshing citrus nose. One of the Winery’s favorites, this wine is perfect to be tried with steak dishes, or anything really! It’s like a hurricane because it will blow you away!

Cat 3 Hurricane

It’s an exotic blend of lychee, guava, and carambola with a refreshing citrus nose. Category 3 Hurricane Vino is the perfect addition to your hurricane disaster supplies. Even though it will not solve any problems, it will make the hurricane season much more pleasant. When the power is out and the cows are flying, open a bottle of Vino and bring the neighborhood back to life. This wine has a flavor that will blow you away!

We mean it! A must try in the Schnebly Winery catalog.

Chocolate Passion Fruit

The newest addition to the Schnebly Winery family. A perfect combination between the fresh and delicious flavors of the exotic Passion Fruit, with a delightful chocolate finish. It truly tastes like chocolate strawberries! The perfect wine for a romantic evening. 

A Perfect Pairing in a glass! This icon of the winery is considered the most diverse of the portfolio. This all-natural wine is bright including a sweet but refreshingly tart and tangy taste with a long lingering finish. With a slightly carbonated mouth feel, tastes of pink grapefruit and complex passion fruit are a pleasant and refreshing experience.

Guava Wine

This refreshing and vibrant wine has a bouquet that never stops. Careful selection of only the finest guavas has resulted in a rich and beautifully crafted wine. Native to the Caribbean, Central and South America, this exotic fruit has adapted well to tropical South Florida. The Schnebly Guava Wine reflects the care it took to fully express the potential of this highly scented delicacy. On the palate it is bright and juicy with ripe plums, cherry-berry fruit and good acidity. Our Guava Wine is silky smooth with a full mouth feel and long finish. One of the Winery’s staples!

Passion Fruit

This wine is unlike anything you’ve tasted before. It’s sweet, tangy, tart and will leave your taste buds asking for more. The Passion Fruit wine keeps everyone asking for more! It’s a perfect pairing for any dinner, or even just to enjoy on an afternoon. One of the winery’s favorite wines. 

What about Grape Wines?

Last year, the Winery finally created their very first grape wines! A Malbec and a Cabernet, these are a very proud creation for the Winery, and a must try for all wine lovers.


Floral notes tickle the nose and the dark fruit body fills the palate; medium levels of acidity and tannins unlock the intense fruit flavors and velvety texture. Blueberries, Plume and Cocoa take center stage.

Schnebly Winery Cabernet

Schnebly Winery Cabernet. A Nutty full-bodied aroma but soft tannins flow through the mouth settling deep into the tongue allowing you to appreciate its full body. Leather and wood remain on the palate as the wine washes away.

How do you get it?

You’re probably craving some red wine now! Fortunately, you can find Schnebly Wines online on the website, which can be shipped to: Arizona, California, Florida, Missouri, North Carolina, New York, Texas, Washington DC* & Wyoming.

You can also try their exotic fruit wines at their winery in Homestead.

When visiting Schnebly Winery, you can go for a tour and wine tasting, in an amazing package that includes a 30 to 45 minute walking tour of Schnebly Winery under tiki hut covered walkways, where you can find out all about how they make their wines, the fruits they use, their farms, and much more! Finish the tour with a wine tasting with your choice of 5 Schnebly Wines to try, plus a souvenir glass to take home.

An unforgettable experience!


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