Wine Spotlight: Schnebly Winery’s Sparkling Wines

It’s time to finish the year off right! And for the occasion, we are doing another special Wine Spotlight edition, this time with Schnebly Winery’s Sparkling Wine collection!

What better way to finish the year than bringing out the bubbly? As you may already know, Schnebly Winery is not your typical winery. The southernmost winery in the continental United States, this winery makes a very special and unique type of wine: wines made with exotic tropical fruits from the South Florida region, such as lychees, mangos, avocados, starfruit, and yes, even grapes.

Sparkling Wine is made throughout the world, but sparkling wines are typically associated with France and Italy. However, this South Florida winery is making its own sparkling wines adding in tropical fruit flavors to give an amazing taste that you will not believe!

Check out Schnebly’s Sparkling Wines:

1.- Grand Reserve

Grand Reserve is a bone-dry sparkling wine with a complex nose, showing hints of coconut. This perfect balance of oak on the palate finishes off with a nice lingering after taste.

This wine is an incredible Sparkling for any New Year’s party toast at midnight! Of course, chill it for at least a day before serving it to your guests…they won’t believe the bubbles!

2.- Sparkling Passion

Sparkling Passion is semi-dry with hints of melon and strawberries on the nose! Refreshing tart-tangy mouth feel with a finish that is begging for more passion.

An amazing wine to toast with your loved one before a New Year’s kiss!

3.- Sparkling Lychee

This wine is unlike anything you’ve tasted before. It’s sweet, tangy, tart and will leave your taste buds asking for more.

And yes, it’s made with lychees! An exotic tropical fruit with a sweet and unbelievable flavor.

This one is great for a January first party, mix it with orange juice to have a mimosa party!



Holiday Promos and Special Hours

Schnebly Winery is going all out this Holiday Season! Their restaurant, The Redlander, will be open every day until January 3rd (except for Christmas Day) so you can visit the Winery for a wine tasting where you get 5 of their wines to try, plus a souvenir glass. The perfect way to try all 3 of the Sparkling Wines if you choose, or try the reds, whites and rosés! Its a WINE Christmas!

You can also visit the Winery on Sundays if you want UNLIMITED MIMOSAS for brunch! You won’t have enough Sparkling Wine!

Just in time for the Holidays, you cannot miss the Winery’s incredible online promos!

A selection of gift bundles are 15% OFF, including the special Holiday bundle: Dreaming of a Wine Christmas!

Plus, to celebrate ’22, all Sparkling Wines are 22% OFF!

So, start doing your Christmas shopping, get your New Year’s party ready, and head over to to take advantage of these amazing promos!

Happy Holidays to all!


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